Academic | Posted 15.03.2017

The fascinating world of Biology

The fascinating world of Biology

On Tuesday 28th February forty students from HigherLine attended the ‘Biology Live’ seminar, held at the University of Manchester. Pupils from Poetry were given the chance to hear leading scientists talk about their cutting edge work across a number of specialisms.

Pupils considering studying these subjects at university, or taking up science as a career, were given a glimpse into this fascinating world through listening to these inspirational speakers.

Topics covered ranged from ant pheromones, to the need for ingenuity in the search for new antibiotics.  Prof Robert Winston, a pioneer of IVF treatments and a life peer in the House of Lords, spoke about the ethics and applications of new technologies and theories.

Other speakers included Professor Steve Jones talking about Darwinism; Doctor Emily Grossman explaining about recent advances in the fields of stem cell research and regenerative medicine;  Doctor Adam Hart, an Entomologist and broadcaster, exploring the world of ants to reveal how their societies work; and finally a lecture by Doctor Jenny Rohn lecturing on ‘Revenge of the microbes’ gave a fascinating talk about how cells in our body interact with invading bacteria.  It was this final lecture that stimulated the most discussion on the journey home!