Chaplaincy & Services | Posted 11.10.2016

The school reflects on this Jubilee Year of Mercy

The school reflects on this Jubilee Year of Mercy

Last Wednesday, in place of Mass, children at Stonyhurst St Mary’s Hall gathered to think about this Jubilee Year of Mercy which began on 8th December last year and finishes on 20th November.

Mercy has been described as “forgiveness with kindness”.

Led by Mr Garlington’s Figures’ tutor group, we listened to the parable of the forgiving Father (Prodigal Son) and heard, that God is a loving and merciful father, always ready to welcome us back.

This parable was then followed with a dance interpretation of the story. It was performed by a group of pupils who attend lessons with the Dance department under the guidance of Miss Morrison and Miss Southward. They movingly portrayed the recklessness of the Son but also his eventual sorrow and the forgiveness of his Father and the celebration at his homecoming.

Our dancers were Isabella Coughlin (Father), Harry Booth (Prodigal Son) and Eleanor Curtis (the brother). Other parts were played by Niamh McGarvey, Tilly Booth, Apoline Schifflers and Maddie Frank.

As well as a personal invitation to receive and offer forgiveness we have the opportunity to demonstrate mercy though our compassion towards others. Children at SMH had written messages of hope to refugees – these will be distributed via Cafod and the Jesuit Refugee service to refugees in the UK and around the world. Other “works of mercy” include contributions to the Ribble Valley Food bank; produce from our Mission garden at SMH will be given to the Samaritans to be distributed to those in difficult circumstances. Our Macmillan coffee morning at the end of last month raised funds for those with a life limiting-illness to be care for in their homes.