Music & Arts | Posted 09.03.2015

The SMH Interline Music Competition

The SMH Interline Music Competition

Over forty musicians at SMH took part in the annual Interline Music Competition on Wednesday 4th March, which was adjudicated by Mr Colin Edmundson this year. The audience enjoyed an impressive range of instrumental and vocal solos, performed with poise, musicality and conviction. At the end of the competition Mr Edmundson made some encouraging, and very constructive, comments and announced the winners of each class; the winners will compete for the ‘Young Musician of the Year’ award later this term.

Junior Wind Solo

Lucy Metcalf (flute): Humpty Dumpty

Junior String Solo

Harry Booth (viola): My heart will go on

Junior Piano Solo

Gabriella Rainford: Polka Dots

Vocal Solo

Isabella Coughlin: Dalmatian Cradle Song by Roberton

Piano Solo

Adrienne Meagher: Rondo by Dussek

Wind Solo

Olivia Yoo (flute): Hymne a l’amour by Monnet

String Solo

Adrienne Meagher (violin): Andante by Telemann


Billy Fee: Kaiser Roll