Academic | Posted 08.05.2014

Time Lords and technology

Children in Lower Prep (year 3) have been learning to programme a computer, using the theme of Dr Who in his 50th anniversary.

They were just settling down for a history lesson when a time traveller arrived with a message from Dr Who. Stranded in Pompeii in 79 AD, and communicating via his Roman friend, Dr Who asked for help in trying to save the people from destruction by Vesuvius. So the children were asked to learn all about Pompeii and volcanoes and relay this information to The Doctor.

But how do you communicate with a Time Lord? Computer parts arrived in parcels from The Doctor along with cryptic letters burnt by hot ashes from the erupting volcano, including a roman numeral coded password. Dismantling an old computer in their Tardis role play area, the children were able to build a working computer for Dr Who, and were bursting with excitement when it whirred into action as it was switched on. They successfully sent him the information he needed via intergalactic mail.

The Time Lord has successfully introduced the concepts of space and time, communication, technology and historical perspective in one fell swoop of the Tardis!