Trips & Visits | Posted 21.01.2015

A trip to the ballet

On Sunday 18th January, 28 students travelled to the London Coliseum to see the English National Ballet perform Tchaikovsky’s ballet Swan Lake. It was an enchanting and magical production, and our dance pupils were able to appreciate the traditional choreography of Deane, Petipa, Ivanov and Ashton. This particular performance was very special as it marked the final performance of principal dancer Elena Glurdjidze before her retirement; she was duly inundated with overwhelming applause and an abundance of flowers.

Comments from Stonyhurst’s dance critics:

I really enjoyed the trip – especially because I had never been to the ballet before. I couldn’t have chosen a better performance to start with.

Really good – I thought that the swan ensemble dancers were best.

I thought the ballet was amazing. I loved it! Hopefully we can come and see it again.    

It was beautiful. The costumes were incredible and the dance even more so. Thank you for the trip!

A beautiful experience. I really appreciate the school organising trips like this.

A wonderful performance of movement, grace, music, costumes and lights. A really moving story shared with both the dancers and the spectators through emotional scenes.

I found it unbelievable. The white swan and the prince were a perfect couple and performed in such an emotional way that it is hard to find words for it.

This afternoon’s performance of Swan Lake was absolutely phenomenal. The sublime costumes combined with intricate choreography and, of course, perfect pointe work, created a magical performance, which I will always cherish.

I really enjoyed every movement. The dancers were unbelievable and I was fixated all the way through. I had a wonderful day.

I think it was amazing and very beautiful. I enjoyed it so much.

It was very inspiring. I enjoyed every moment of the day. I found the performance full of expression. It was a ballet I had always wanted to see. Both the music and the dance were terrific. I particularly enjoyed the last scene and I found Miss Southward’s notes explaining the story very useful in order to understand more about the choreography and Tchaikovsky’s life.

I liked the part when the swans made shapes – it was amazing.

Beautiful and very well performed; very temperamental – sometimes happy, sometimes sad. It told the story well.