Trips & Visits | Posted 10.11.2014

The Higher Line French trip to Paris was a great success and the 13 Poets and Rhetoricians gained a great deal from being able to practise their French in such splendid surroundings. Here, some of them give their account of the experience.

The trip to Paris was a brilliant way to end the first half of the Christmas Term. Although only 3 days long, we managed to fit in many outings that definitely made the time well spent. My personal highlight was the visit to The Palace of Versailles, and in particular the celebrated Hall of Mirrors which was truly spectacular. We were blessed with wonderful weather and to walk around the gardens in the footsteps of Louis XVI and Marie Antoinette was remarkable. I would love to return to Paris to explore the city further since I got a taste of just what rich cultural experiences it has to offer.

Ruth Foulds (Rhetoric)

There are three words which could be used to describe this trip; historical, eventful and enjoyable. On arrival we headed out onto the streets of Paris to experience the night culture of this beautiful city. We took pictures from the bridge of locks and in front of the Louvre then had a drink in a very French cafe. The next day, we visited the Chateau de Versailles where we learnt about the powerful story of Marie Antoinette. The gold leaf was spectacular and a sight I will never forget. For some sightseeing, we went on a Bateaux-Mouches and saw Notre Dame, the Louvre and of course the Eiffel Tower. After many selfies, we went shopping before meeting up for our final dinner at the Hippopotamus restaurant. On the final day, we visited l’Opera which was extraordinary. The immensity of the theatre was astounding and the chandeliers were surreal. Overall, c’était fantastique!

Lucy Harriss (Poetry)

Looking back over our trip to Paris I am amazed at all the incredible things we managed to fit into 3 days. Visiting the palace of Versailles was fantastic! We were able to get an insight into the lifestyle of Marie Antoinette and from the large and beautiful gardens to the richly coloured interior furnishing, it was breath taking. The next on the list was a peaceful boat trip on the Seine, which gave our legs a rest after jumping on and off jam-packed Metro trains and allowed us to get our bearings and see more of beautiful Paris than we otherwise could have done. Seeing the impressionists in the Musee d’Orsay was a real highlight for me and was such a wonderful end to the first day. After packing our bags on the following morning we had one final trip into the centre of Paris to visit L’Opera. It was extraordinary and great to get a chance not only see to the stage but also some of the sets and costumes they use. We were all sad to leave, but the trip has really inspired us, not only to visit Paris again but to keep on learning French.

Emilia O’Connor (Rhetorician)

The Paris trip was great and I enjoyed every minute of it. On the night that we arrived we spent some time walking around, admiring the Eiffel tower from afar, the illuminations of the Pyramide at the Louvre and many other sights. As well as being a lot of fun we had many opportunities to speak French, which I love. L’Opera was absolutely magnificent and a great end to the trip.

 Aitana Giebels von Bekestein (Poetry)

Our Paris visit was possibly one of the most beautiful and cultural trips I’ve ever been on. The entire experience, however brief, was more than enough to show how beautiful the city really is. I feel so privileged to even have the opportunity to visit Paris; to spend it with my close friends and teachers, and the opportunity to practise speaking French made the trip even more memorable.

Annabelle Drinkall (Poetry)