Stonyhurst College News | Posted 09.11.2017

Monday 6th November saw the return of Rise Theatre to SMH. They performed their “Happiness” presentation and provided workshops for Figures and Rudiments.

Each of us is invited by God to experience life to the full!   Pupils were encouraged to think about the following questions: What makes us happy?  Do we always go for the “quick fix”, the superficial to make us happy or do we strive for something deeper and longer lasting? What do we envisage as the perfect life? Does that centre around self or others? How does the person of Jesus lead us to fulfilment?

As a Jesuit school we endeavour to help pupils grow so that they give all for the greater glory of God; not striving for self-advancement, status, wealth or fame but using their gifts in the service of others (Faith in action).

We are very grateful to Katie Krane and John Bosco from Rise Theatre for a stimulating and thought-provoking morning.