Trips & Visits | Posted 06.11.2014

As part of their topic on World War II, Upper  Elements children spent a fascinating hour listening to Alice Wingrove’s  father talking about his wartime experiences in London and as an evacuee in Weston-Super-Mare .  He had many memories as a little child of the bombings in London – he recalled looking over his father’s shoulder as they ran down the road with a V1 coming towards them. Somebody asked what toys he had as a boy and he showed them the head of a doll, Stevie, which was his dearest possession both then and now. He gave the children a detailed account of the small amount of food they would have eaten during a day and told them how, after the war, he was given a banana for the first time ever for his Christmas present and how (to his parents’ disappointment) he did not like the taste.