Weekly Calendar

Weekly Calendar 

7th December – 12th December 2018


07 December 2018


00:00 Rh IB Theatre Arts final deadline for Director’s Notebook, HL and SL
00:00 IB Rhetoric Economics SL/HL – Deadline for international commentary
10:30 Governing Body Meeting
13:30 Jazz Band rehearsal (ends 14:05)
18:00 Choir trip to London returns


08 December 2018


00:00 Immaculate Conception
00:00 St Mary’s Hall Parents’ Weekend
00:00 Sports Ball (TBC)
11:25 Hockey 1st, 2nd v Mount St Mary’s (A) estimated return 19:30
13:00 Parents’ Retreat
tbc Hockey U14 v Mount St Mary’s (H),
17:30 Vigil Mass for College Boarders


09 December 2018


00:00 ISTD Dance exams (provisional)
00:00 St Mary’s Hall Parents’ Weekend
00:00 2nd Sunday of Advent Year C
11:00 St Mary’s Hall Mass, St Peter’s Church


10 December 2018


00:00 Human Rights Day
00:00 Week A
19:00 Association Carol Service , St Peter’s Church


11 December 2018


00:00 IB Rhetoric Computer Science SL – Completion of IA Part D
12:00 St Mary’s Hall Carol Service, St Peter’s Church
15:00 College Carol Service, St Peter’s Church
16:00 Pupils travelling by car may leave after the Carol Service


12 December 2018


00:00 St Damascus
00:00 Our Lady of Guadaloupe
00:00 Travelling day for all boarders
02:00 Rhetoric ski trip departs

Term ends.


‘Wishing you and your family a very Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year’