Weekly Calendar


Week Commencing Monday 17th  September 2018




17 September 2018


00:00 St Robert Bellarmine, SJ
00:00 Week A
08:20 Strings rehearsal for Remembrance Concert (ends 08:55)
09:00 Lower Grammar Art Trip, Wild Boar Park (return 13.30)
11:25 Cello Group rehearsal for Remembrance Concert (ends 11:50)
17:40 Rehearsals for The Pirates of Penzance (ends 19:15)
18:00 Orchestra rehearsal for Remembrance Concert (ends 19:00)
19:00 Mary Poppins Dance Production – auditions
All Day Rhetoric IB supervisors provide EE feedback
pm Duke of Edinburgh Bronze Qualifying Expedition (Syntax) returns


18 September 2018


13:10 German Society – lunchtime talk by Alex Pickering, Special Projects Adviser, Goethe Institute
17:00 New Poets ALIS test
17:40 Staff Meeting (Bayley Room)
17:40 Brass Group rehearsal for Remembrance Concert (ends 18:20)
17:40 Stonyhurst Choir rehearsal for Remembrance Concert (ends 18:30)
18:00 Duke of Edinburgh (ends 19:00)
18:30 Grammar and Syntax Theatre trip to Charter Theatre, Preston departs.  Blood Brothers.
am TOK Essay Talk for Rhetoric IB pupils


19 September 2018


00:00 Jewish Festival – Yom Kippur
13:30 Staff Meeting (Bayley Room)
14:00 Football 1st XI, 2nd XI v Liverpool College (H)
14:00 Hockey 1st, 2nd v KGS (A), departs 13:00
14:15 Rugby 1st v Ripley St Thomas (H)
16:00 Gospel Choir rehearsal for Headmaster’s Concert (ends 17:00)
17:40 Rehearsals for The Pirates of Penzance (ends 19:15)
18:30 Mary Poppins Dance Production – main cast rehearsals (until 20:30)
19:00 Senior Essay Society, Politics Society and PAST: “The Dilemma of Faith and Politics – The Cases of Richard Wainwright and Denis Henry”, Dr Matt Cole, Birmingham University and the Hansard Society (Bayley Room)
All Day Poetry IB submit EE subject and supervisor request


20 September 2018


00:00 St Andrew Kim Taegon and Companions
13:30 Head of Faculty, Ref Function Room
15:10 Marching Band rehearsal for Remembrance Sunday (ends 15:45)
17:45 6th Form Open Evening


21 September 2018


00:00 St Matthew
00:00 International Day of Peace
00:00 IB Rhetoric SL Studies – IA first draft deadline
13:30 Jazz Band rehearsal for Headmaster’s Concert (ends 14:05)
13:30 Meeting IBCP core staff
17:40 Mass Choir rehearsal for Sunday (ends 18:30)
17:40 Rehearsals for The Pirates of Penzance (ends 19:15)
All Day Drama workshop with RSC and West End Director, Michael Fentiman, Academy Room (Gr, Sy, Po, Rh), GCSE & A Level Theatre Studies


22 September 2018


00:00 OS 1998 Reunion
11:30 Rugby U15A, U15B, U14A, U14B v Bradford Grammar School departs (A)
14:15 Rugby 1st, 2nd, U16A, U16B v Bradford Grammar School (H)
All Day Classics Day, Cambridge University (Grammar & Syntax Classicists)


23 September 2018


00:00 25th Sunday of the Year
00:00 OS 1998 Reunion
10:00 Mass Choir rehearsal
11:00 Stonyhurst Mass, Year B, St Peter’s Church
All Day Caroline Holden – Photography Portfolio Day